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     Blood Staind Faze is composed of one guy, Michael Olson who has had the dream of making music since the age of 7, when he received his first cassette ever. That cassette was DC Talks album, Jesus Freak. Through listening to this album and seeing the change it made in his day to day life, he got a better understanding of the positive effect music can have in someone's life, he realized that through his music he could help others who were struggling.

   During his teen years Michael kept his dream going and wrote a ton of lyrics, making each song better and better. He wrote his first complete song at age 16. Then at the age of 20 he went to Minnesota School of Business to learn Audio Recording & Music Business.

    Michael eventually left college due to his learning disabilities. Even though he was not able to complete college, Michael had faith that if it was God's will for him to create music, he would eventually get signed by a Record Label or God would make the way possible.

    With God's guidance through prayer and many years of hard work, Michael Olson or, Blood Staind Faze released his first album, Lost But Now Found in October 14th of 2014. About a year later he was hired on as a Sound Engineer at Free Grace United Church, St Cloud location. Michael did so amazing at mixing sound, six month later he was also hired at Free Grace Untied, Main Campus in Elk River, Minnesota. (Pictured Right)


    As the Free Grace United Church grew, Michael continued mixing sound, at their St. Cloud, Becker & Elk River locations. And because Michael so dedicated to his Music, he built a Recording Studio in his house. He is now, currently working on his second album, Past Failures.

    Michael has many times wanted to give up; after dropping out of college, two Prison bits and tons of people telling him that he would never succeed. But through tons of prayer, hours upon hours in the studio and consistent commitment, Michael has kept his dream alive!!!

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