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Gone For So Long

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I just wanted to say sorry to all fans for their wait for new music. I was sent to prison on one charge I didn't comment; and while going to trial for that charge, I committed a crime that I was worthy of prison.

So the story goes like this...

I was coming up in my Music Career finally after I found my right delivery style, when life gave me a curve ball.

After showing people that I changed, from my last prison but, I was finally able to see my daughter Sofia again. We were doing great together and able to catch up after all the years we lost together. When her mother said I couldn't see my daughter Sofia again, if I didn't date her - even though we where hanging out all the time.

I said no, because I was not ready for another relationship after having so many go wrong. I was in the middle of giving myself a year of no relationships; a type of breather, you could say.

And again I was all by myself, with out my daughter or a friend. I went back home to live with my father, when my sister moved in too. But my sister was addicted to Meth.

It didn't go well at all. She had all kinds of messed up people coming over. And me being such a nice guy, I would spend some time with them. Problem was, they had meth with them and I was depressed from losing my daughter.

I would spend hours apon hours in my recording studio, getting so messed up on alcohol and weed working on my music just to forget. Until I was out and my sister's friends had meth to give me.

Of course, that didn't work out well for me. I hated meth and the high it gave me, plus the come downs sucked! But I still went back for more. So I had to kick my sister and her friends out of my side of the house.

My sister didn't like that cause I had the better side of the house. So she caused more problems. And one day my sister pizzed me off, and my dad got in the middle, and I hit on father.

The cops where called, and I went to jail. I was told to tap out on my false charges of threatening my HATERS, or they would enhance my time from 3 years to 12 years in prison. I took a deal claiming my innocence for 3 years in prison and the charge with my father would run concurrent.

In Minnesota Prison System, you only do 2/3rds of your time in prison and the rest on Parole.

So two years later, I got out and completely changed my life around, and even better this time. I have almost 3 years sober and got my own place and car. I also started building up my recording studio, paid for services like a website and beats. I just got to working on my website today and saw my blogs are out of date, so I decided to let you all know what has happened in these last few years.

I hope that my new music will touch even more people than before. I make this music to inspire people while still being real with who I am and where I've come from.

P. S. Thank you to all my fans. You really keep my head up when it gets so hard to move forward in this industry.

Michael Olson of Blood Staind Faze 🎙️

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