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Why Lord?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Right when everything seems to be going so well, life crashes. The GF gets hit by a Simi Truck on the Freeway at 70 MPH and goes to the hospital with internal bleeding; my car new car that I spent so much money to making it look amazing (the best car I've ever had) is totaled; I have to quit my job cause of too much verbal abuse and now the depression is back!

I trust God, how ever you see him as, but sometimes I just shutdown and worry about everything I now have to do. It says worry is a sin, because it shows that you don't trust God with what is happening. But can't I trust Him and worry at the same time. It seem to just be a stage I go through during times like this.

How about you? How would you handle this? Myself I am still not sure.

I just pray that everything will work out, and I will focus on my music. This way, there will be no need to panic; or as I like to say PAINIC.

🎙️ MICHAEL OLSON of Blood Staind Faze 🎙️

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